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Monday, November 20, 2006

First time in years, to drench your skin in lover's rosy stain.

This week we got a letter from Bill, Wolverhampton about FTF10's webhost.

"Dear Prophet Tenebrae,

Your new site is not quite the faster. Whyer is that? Are your interner boxes not as fasterer anymore? Have you changed to the worserer webhost? I hate this new bad webhost!"


"Dear Bill,

Sadly, my webhosting is not the problem.. in fact... best we not talk about webhosts and such because Dreamhost fucked me over when I bought the domain. This is why FTF10 is not as fast as you'd like,

Kind regards,

Prophet Tenebrae"

Naturally... I've received other questions about the webhosting and such... but PLEASE... let me assure you... that regardless of minor issues, FTF10 is doing FINE... and, well, did we not ask you for complaints to be issued? We did.

All we got was Bill, complaining about the "boxter" of our webhost. Which is fair enough, I know three or four seconds is A LONG TIME to wait.

Still, head to FTF10 for the latest. You might even like it better than this.

End Transmission.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

History is the witness that testifies to the passing of time; it illumines reality, vitalizes memory, provides guidance in daily life and brings us tidings of antiquity.

Hi there. Yup, it's me - doubtless, your eyes have skipped ahead and you're thinking something along the lines of "OMGWTFLMAOZOMG!" because, there is in fact no list of links below my introductory rant.

The reason for that is pretty straightforward, it's actually kind of a lot of work to update two sites in parallel. Now, FTF10 is not the same as this blog but in time, everything moves on and changes. So for the next week - we shall

Anyway, head over to FTF10 and see what you think - if you haven't tried it already.

Let me talk it up a bit... you go there, it's listed in chronological order of submission. New items at the top... All the items are tagged and categorised, so you can effectively list JUST BE or JUST art and so on. You can also vote for items to show if you approve of them, post comments, rank items by popularity over various time periods...

So, go look at FTF10 and if you really hate it - or really love it, do say. Who knows, you could change the course of the future. Enjoy FTF10!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. The world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children.

Yup, it's here... Bambi Blaze interview at the bottom. Also, check out www.ftf10.com - new format for the blog that I'm testing. Thanks to Erik for helping with that... and by help, I mean pretty much doing everything. Basically, it's like that well known site Digg. Items are put there, you can vote on them without registering to move them up. Items require three votes to publish and float to the top as they gain popularity and such. As I said - still in testing but feel free to say what you think about it.

Item One: Sizing Up Fun is still continuing with growth related such.

Item Two: MysticMoonMetropolis - BE manga, may contain traces of dickgirls.

Item Three: Lunar Diaries creator Havoc returns with a DA account.

Item Four: Coloured She-Hulk, rather nicely done.

Item Five: Chocolate Milkmaid picture from Evhor.

Item Six: Hard to say... DA account, busty women... both illustrated and poser - this guy is a fine artists either way.

Item Seven: Aww, Rogue and She-Hulk all huggy - coloured.

Item Eight: Treasure trove of FMG transformation at LGART's DA.

Item Nine: Another DA account - more artistic goodness of a superheroine .

Item Ten
: New GTS sequence at The Process.

Item Eleven: Teri Hatcher looking rather buff. FMG.

Item Twelve: Coloured and topless Supergirl.

Item Thirteen: Another coloured Supergirl.

Item Fourteen: She-Hulk pinup.

Item Fifteen: She-Hulk vs Ms. Marvel by Greg Nichols - in colour. Lovely.

Item Sixteen: She-Hulk.

Item Seventeen: More She-Hulk.

Item Eighteen: Manga BE.

Item Nineteen: Sutibaru finds this TF from Neodevilman manga. Catgirl to devil to human.

Well... here we go, I've been touting it for some time - see if you like it.

PT: Ok, today I’ve got the pleasure of Bambi Blaze’s company… so, let’s get started.

It seems that many people are curious as to how you became involved in the BE and inflation. Perhaps you could give us an idea of how you went from humble southern lady to bra busting Internet porn star?

BB: Wow! Have I got a story to tell. First of all I had this *secret* that I kept to myself for years. It began at the age of 6 after seeing a portrait of a lovely woman at my uncle's house. This woman was topless, with simply breathtaking boobs! I remember not being able to take my eyes off of her until my uncle noticed and embarrassed me in front of other family members. After that, I started stuffing my mom's bras during nap time. I was eventually caught when I was 12 yrs old while trying to get the attention of a neighbourhood boy I had a crush on. My mom was really pissed when she saw me leaning over the hood of his car with a tight shirt covering my *overfilled* bra! LOL! I'll never forget that day.

PT: that must have taken quite some explaining...

BB: Yes, like "ummmm.... Mom my boobs need to be BIGGER cuz that's what the guys like!" Hehe really though, I was too embarrassed to say anything so I went to my bedroom, unstuffed my nicer assets and laid low for while.

BB: I'd like to comment on your humble southern lady perception...

PT: Feel free, I was just guessing.

BB: Well Prophet hon, it was a good guess and you're correct. ;-)

PT: Excellent.

BB: I kept my parents all out of sorts during my teen years. They were very strict, my dad was a cop, and we NEVER missed an opportunity to be at church! Urgh! I was very rebellious, and I've had this wild streak in me for as long as I can remember...but, unfortunately, I had to keep it under wraps because of my strict home life.

I married a very anal man at the age of 20. He's a CPA, and everything is either black or white with him. He also felt the need to do the whole chuch thing and the marriage really sucked! We had MANY fights when I'd beg him to let me get a BA. He totally refused and thought that any form of plastic surgery was ungodly and waist of his hard earned money.

PT: Not a match made in heaven then?

BB: No, it was a match made in hell!

So, a few years after we'd married one day I went to the bank and withdraw $25,000. I hired an attorney, divorced his ass, and had my first BA 3 months later. This was single-handedly the BEST thing I ever did in my life! I got out of an emotional and physically abusive marriage, and finally for the first time ever -- I began to be me!

Wanna know something funny?

PT: Always.

BB: The day I filed for divorce, I was the Sunday School director at our church....damn, have I come a long way or what??!!


PT: I'll tell you something funny - you said BA, I was thinking Bachelor of Arts, didn't quite click until you said you got it in three months.

BB: lol! No, I have an associates degree in Secondary English Education. By BA I meant Breast Augmentation.

PT: To be honest, it's quite hard to imagine you as anything to do with Sunday School... except maybe as a lesson in temptation.

BB: lol! yeah, there are some stories I could tell about the 'preacher' hitting on me...blah, blah, blah...they're all just a bunch of hypocrites from my experience!

PT: I think we've all had our experiences with hypocritical religious types. So, you're foot loose and fancy free. You've got yourself your first breast augmentation. What happened next?

BB: Yes! A few months after my BA I went with some friends to a fetish club...you can imagine my excitement after so many years of having to please and follow the rules of those in my life. This is when I met Dr Curvy and his wife...

We struck if off right away, and continued to stay in touch. I soon found out that I had a lot in common with these two people.

...I soon realized that having a *fetish* wasn't such a bad thing after all, there were other people just like me! Good, decent people which at times deviated from the norms instituted by mainstream society.

PT: And that was a real turning point?

BB: The real turning point was my divorce, meeting Doc and his wife was icing on the cake. :-)

PT: So, given Dr. Curvy's credentials - I'll assume that it was only a matter of time before he introduced you to the pleasures of breast expansion?

BB: Yes. The HUGE pleasures I guess would be the appropriate way of putting it.

He introduced me to the BEA. Up until this point I hadn't used the internet much except for emails and shopping. When I found the BEA forum, this *expanded* my horizons in ways I would have previously never imagined. Pun is intended! ;-) Sooo, I joined the BEA as Bambi Blimps. This was the first forum I'd ever participated on and many great things began to happen.

I had already shared with Doc that I had a belly expansion fetish too, especially in the Preggo category. One day he emailed me the link to Johnny Swells BerryGirl. OMG! I was enamored with his art, and this is when I realized my fetish was more than just boobs and belly...it was body too. I remember being so turned on by Johnny's BerryGirl comic that I was overwhelmed by the sensations I felt!

In the very first post I made at the BEA I shared that I was 'into' inflation, along with my recent BA. I don't remember getting any comments about my inflation interets, but those dear babes were all over my new G cup tits!

PT: Just what is it like being a woman interested in BE/inflation coming onto the scene and announcing you not only like BE and big tits but you have some and you want to get bigger? I mean, obviously there's the general mob of people but there's a bunch of stuff that goes on that isn't in the forum.

BB: IT was a relief! I mean discovering there were so may other people that loved this and accepted BIGGER boobs, expansion, etc... was overwhelming. I guess I had felt shamed for so long because of my ex's reactions to my wanting to go bigger, I was simply stunned when I realized there are a vast number of folks into this too.

I'll never forget seeing the first pics of Minka, Keisha, Pandora, and some of the other big boob implanted girls... it never occurred to me that girls actually took this expansion this far! This is when I fell in love with the thought of really HUGE implants.

PT: Surely it can't have been ALL positive?

BB: In what way do you mean?

PT: The BEA doesn't lack its share of trouble makers and obsessives. I'm sure your experience was mostly positive but it can't all have been smooth sailing, is what I'm getting at.

BB: Yes, true enough. There was one negative situation that completely got out of control. I think it left a bad taste for a LOT of people. All the rumors, nastiness being spread to other forums, etc... Thankfully, it's a thing of the past.

PT: There are always some people who have to spoil it for everyone.

BB: I suppose this is the one thing about internet life that bugs me, and of course, we encounter it in real life too. As you said, things happen *behind the scenes* that everyone isn't privy too...so rumors, judgment calls, and misperceptions are easy to make, but often times aren't true and/or fair.

PT: Oh, I think that the transformation community has a pretty huge rumour mill when the right kind of thing happens and the only thing you can ever be sure of is that you're not getting both sides of the story.

BB: LOL! I know there's some folks that don't like me... I lurk and read from time to time. Funny thing is, most of these hand full of people that do the *Bambi Bashing* have never even spoken to me... I guess it's all related to others perceptions that can be formed whether they're right or wrong.

Yes, the rumor mill can be HUGE at times...maybe it just goes along with our fetish for making things bigger. :-)

When I purchased the now Expansion Mansion website, I read that someone referred to me as a "corporation" taking over the community! OMG!! I laughed so hard when I read that...it's just so not the case at all. ;-)

PT: So, we can quell rumors of your eminent domination of the expansion corner of the pornosphere?

BB: Rumors can be quelled for sure. I just take things as they come. I believe in karma and when good is given, good will be returned.

PT: Speaking of the expansion mansion - just how did you make that leap from consuming to providing content?

BB: I mean, back in January, 2004 when I registered at the BEA. I was just a girl, not a web model, no internet business, etc... I wasn't even thinking along these lines it just really fell in my lap. Things have grown from there pretty much the same way too.

PT: So, it was just serendipity that led to the Expansion Mansion?

BB: Well, I was providing content with bambiblaze.com before the EM came about... Yes, pretty much. Forming relationships, being at the right place at the right time. That sort of thing.

PT: People probably would be surprised how much of the internet is just dumb luck... but what exactly was your inspiration to start your own website?

BB: Yes, they probably would. LOL! Believe it or not, BoobRepli inspired me when he contacted me via PM and offered to make me a website. I said..."uhhh...OK, I guess, not sure though that I'll be any good at it. But we can give it a go, and see what happens."

As I said, this is something I didn't "seek", it just happened and it's the MOST fun I've ever had! I sincerely love our community and I feel privileged being part of it.

PT: And that's why you're dedicating so much of your time to various inflation videos and of course, the quest for ever larger breasts?

BB: Yes, all the above. I'm also a general contractor in real life. Or better said, mainstream life. My fetish play is part of my real life too.

PT: Do your breasts ever become an obstacle in that?

Or perhaps to phrase it more openly - do you find that your breasts ever cause problems in "real life"?

BB: No, not with being self-employed. Just the occasional stares and whispers when I'm dealing with contractors face to face. I'm a ballsy gal though, and they know I won't put up with any shit...there's always another guy or team for laying blocks, roofing, etc...

Keep in mind I do live in the damn bible belt. So, even if I'm out bar hopping, etc... there's always gonna be someone talking or looking. I don't care though, because I know who I am and what I'm all about. Only I can walk in my shoes. :-)

PT: Good point... as we're on the sizeable topic of your bosom. Perhaps you can grace us with your vital statistics and maybe how many augmentations you've had... and your future plans.

BB: I'm 42-27-36. I've had one augmentation.. currently 800 cc saline implants. My next augmentation is in the works now :-) but that's pretty much off topic until the good deed is done. I've decided to manage it this way because I don't want all the drama leading up to my next enhancement. Not because I don't want to share, but one never knows what immediate plans can fall through based on unforeseen circumstances.

PT: I can't say I blame you, it seems pretty hard to nail down specifics when going for the more extreme sizes and I'm sure it's for the best that there is no drama. Perhaps you can give us an idea of your dream size though?

BB: Yes, I think so. There's obstacles to be endured getting there. :-) Currently, my plan is to obtain 3000cc's, but that's not etched in stone either. ;-)

PT: I guess you'll have to find some bigger balloons to use if you manage to get those implants.

BB: LOL! No kidding. Thankfully, I've secured a very good prop designer.

PT: It has to be said, you do a very impressive job with the balloons.

BB: Thank you very much! There's been a LOT of trials and errors, but we constantly look for ways to make improvements.

PT: Hahaha, I think there are more than a few people who'd like to know the secret behind the patented Bambi Blaze balloons.

BB: LOL! Yes, yes I know.....but dammit baby it's a secret. Shhhh.... ;-)

PT: So how about the expansion mansion - I know you've got a bunch of stuff going on there at the moment.

BB: OMG!! I love that website and the great community of people there. Let me say, I have a wonderful staff all the way around. I was very fortunate a year ago securing sheber as my webmaster... he has made a TERRIFIC difference on the backend AND as a positive presence on the EM forum.

Angelus, Litch, and Cheviot are the administrators....they're simply beautiful people who have also shown me kindness and friendship. I've felt fortunate at times having them as good, solid sounding boards.

My moderators, are goatboy, thefatman, mad::matt, VincentJ, Martin, and AirWolf. They also do a terrific job managing a forum the size of the EM.

As you know, we've recently opened a new EM forum and revamped it to included all areas of inflation. My goal is to offer a place for all inflation/expansion genres. I don't believe anyone should be left out...guess I sound like George Bush now! LOL! The "no one left behind" theme

PT: Everyone should have their little corner of the web but recently you took what seemed like a bit of a side swipe at the BEA... do you think that it has lost its way?

BB: LOL! I don't recall mentioning any specific website or forum. ;-)

I believe the BEA is a great community, one that has certainly been good to me. If anything, I think the BEA has found it's way with a group of people enjoying their particular interests.

As we all know, things at times evolve in life so most likely the BEA is where the owner wants it to be or perhaps where his fan base has led it. :-)

PT: Outside of work and wowing your fans - what does the real Bambi Blaze like to do to enjoy herself?

B: I'm an action/thriller/horror movieholic, I enjoy riding and grooming my horses, and most importantly spending time with my loved ones.

PT: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

B: Hopefully, just as healthy and happy as I am now with more wonderful memories made and shared with my family, close friends, and fans.

PT: Thanks a lot for taking the time to do the interview and the best of luck with all future endeavours.

B: Thank you Prophet Tenebrae for the interest, and I wish you the best as well. May we ALL keep on expanding in every good way possible! ;-)

There we go - fun, eh? Don't forget to try out Bambi's website and of course go look at www.ftf10.com - basically working on a format similar to the site Digg. Anyone can vote but you need to register to submit links - if you want to. If you like it, we'll probably switch over to that and make for a

End Transmission.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Fiery the angels rose, and as they rose deep thunder roll'd. Around their shores: indignant burning with the fires of Orc.

Things are still slow... worse things happen at sea though. Things will be better on Saturday.

Item One: Tina Small video from Sitiofan.

Item Two: A lovely coloured picture of She-Hulk.

Item Three: Crush from Gold Digger - a big superheroine.

Item Four: Several huge breasted poser morphs from Boobrepli.

Item Five: A good picture of an Amazonic woman standing next to a normal one...

Item Six: Poser giantess.

Item Seven: Some kind of mermaid transformation.

Item Eight: News of a morphing contest over at the Expansion Mansion.

Item Nine
: Female werewolf transformation from Jolly Jack.

Item Ten: A lovely BE manga.

Item Eleven: Some more of the work of nightshade

End Transmission.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Does the prophet see the future or does he see a line of weakness, a fault or cleavage that he may shatter with words or decisions as a diamond-cutter shatters his gem with a blow of a knife?

Sorry to disappoint but I think there are JUST enough links to mean that the Bambi Blaze interview will be next week - as promised, just when I said it would be. At least I can't be accused of going back on my word... Anyway, at least the pickings weren't too slim... Also, head down to the bottom of the page for details of a new transformation contest (art and/or writing).

Item One: A great transformation sequence from CK - get ready for some Chocolate Milkmaid.

Item Two: Sticking with Cyclone Kath and the Milkmaidverse JUGGGs! Who just appeared in The Magnificent Milkmaid.

Item Three: Some more DA - this time, a werewolf from Robin Artist.

Item Four: If you missed it - here's Pink's "Stupid Girl" which contains some jiggling boobs and BE.

Item Five: Werewolf transformation found by TRC.

Item Six: A bunch of growth fiction.

Item Seven: BE manga - Majo no Ochakai.

Item Eight: A video - containing AP/BE about 1:40 in.

Item Nine: It's minor but I think this page from Two Kinds counts as BE.

Item Ten: As does this scene from El Goonish Shive.

Item Eleven: Betty And Veronica "gone wild" says it all. It has plenty of big tits - so no refunds.

Item Twelve: Literally dozens of FMG pictures. About a half dozen sequences.

Item Thirteen: Another giantess.

Item Fourteen: AP from Tenshi No Sippo.

Item Fifteen: Werewolf stuff again.

Item Sixteen: Another giantess.

Item Seventeen: A nice bit of BE.

Item Eighteen: Some good Poser BE.

Item Nineteen: Japanese BE Story + art...

Item Twenty: Four page BE/AP manga sequence.

Item Twenty One: Budace with some more BE on youtube...

Item Twenty Two: AP manga - Pretty Angel Coco & Nana.

Item Twenty Three: Atariboy with many an anime girl gone gamma... some very nice FMG stuff.

Now, Erik's contest has finished (currently the entries are being judged) but there is another contest... TRC's full moon transformation contest. You'll find the details of that contest right HERE.

End transmission.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

When Chekhov saw the long winter, he saw a winter bleak and dark and bereft of hope. Yet we know that winter is just another step in the cycle of life. But standing here among the people of Punxsutawney and basking in the warmth of their hearths and hearts, I couldn't imagine a better fate than a long and lustrous winter.

Slim pickings this week... if they stay slim for Sunday, I shall pass you

Item One: A femuscle DA group.

Item Two: Coloured She-Hulk.

Item Three: Bouncing boobs video.

Item Four: Classic BE from Critters 2.

Item Five: A sequence of BE, preggers and growth - furry.

Item Six: Wonder Woman - must scroll down.

Item Seven: Another Wonder Woman, looking more robust.

Item Eight: Tireless Manic has performed another picture, growth/GTS this week for Bozo and free for all.

Item Nine: If you like Nagas...

Item Ten: She-Hulk looking busty - colour.

Item Eleven: Another good bouncing boob video.

Item Twelve: Happy Halloween - Subichan style.

Item Thirteen: Some kind transformation - demon type?

Item Fourteen: Another shoe bursting one.

Item Fifteen: An age progression and breast expansion manga.

Item Sixteen: Red Silver draws Tetsuko and Sonya dressed up as anime characters.

Item Seventeen: To close - She-Hulk again, in colour.

Yeah, that's all we have for now. So... we'll see how things are going and if things are quiet, I shall deliver unto you the great interview with Bambi Blaze. If it's busy - well usual time... oh and thanks to everyone that voted in the poll.

End transmission.